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Front-end Developer CV and Business Plan Writer UI/UX Designer

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I am Tunde Stephen Salami; passionate football fan (Hala Madrid!), business enthusiast, avid reader, almost semi-pro footballer, and founder of TYLER CONSORTIUM.
I own no dogs and absolutely love Nigerian fufu. I write CVs and business plans for cash, design and code for fun (and cash too, mostly).
I have written over 100 CVs for professionals and over 25 business Plans. I have built 25+ websites from the ground up and worked with a team in building several web and Native applications.


I am a Graduate of Electrical Engineering. When I'm not working, I am either arguing about football with my mates or taking a well deserved nap!!!!


I have overtime, honed and mastered the following digital Skills:

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JQuery
  • Business Plans
  • CV Writing
  • PHP
  • UI/UX Design
  • Wordpress
  • Resume

    Here is a Breakdown of some of my recent work experience

    Work Experience

    UI/UX Designer

    December 2017 - Present


    Tyler Consortium is an IT, Digital media, Business building and career development hub operating out of Abuja, Nigeria.
    I work as a UI/UX and Graphics designer at Tyler developing, designing and enhancing User Interface and experiences for the company, and its clients.

    Front-end Developer

    December 2017 - Present


    I also work as a web designer at Tyler developing websites, designing responsive and intuitive User Interfaces for the online presence of the company, and its clients. I am also an SEO and digital Marketing specialist for sites and projects developed.


    Bachelor's Degree

    May 2014 - September 2019

    Federal University of Agriculture, Makurdi-Benue State.

    First Degree in Electrical/Electronics Engineeering. Learnt Basic programming languages, microcontroller programming, code writing syntax, etc. Also underwent diverse entrepreneural studies to learn more about building and developing businesses.


    Check Out Some of My Works.

    From developing websites, to pixel perfect Graphics to Investor-ready Business Plans.


    What Can I Do For You?

    I offer a range of IT, Web and Business Development Services:


    Projects Completed


    Businesses and Brands




    off-the-wall Ideas


    CVs and Business Plans


    Satisfied Clients

    Would you like to partner or contract me for a UI/UX and Graphics design project?
    Do you need a professionally made website?
    An amazing professional CV or an Investor-Ready Business Plan?

    I'm available 24/7 via mail.

    Where to find me

    Zone 4, Dutse Alhaji, Abuja, Nigeria.

    Call Me

    Phone: +2348156569992